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Every business is unique and every business has its own challenges. Lou Betancourt will help you develop a marketing program tailored to your specific needs.  

If you are a startup he will help you define your market, develop a marketing plan, develop your creative (promotional copy and artwork), test and validate your model.  This will mitigate your risk.  Once you have gone through this process you can launch your marketing program and put your program on auto-pilot.


If you are an existing organization, Lou will evaluate your marketing program and provide you with feedback and recommendations.  This will optimize your marketing program and help ensure you are generating the best ROI possible.   

Regardless of whether you are selling directly to consumers or you need to generate leads for your sales team, LB can help your organization make better decisions and avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes.

Strategic Planning.  Lou will meet with all stakeholders and your strategic team to develop a long-term game plan.  The ultimate goals will be to develop an automated marketing model that will generate an on-going revenue stream.  

Once he understands your business and the needs our your customers he will work with you to position your business in a manner will differentiate your products and business and that will provide you with a competitive advantage.  While he will always address market challenges and trends, the ultimate goal will be to develop a marketing program where you can automate your marketing process and develop an ongoing revenue stream.  

Digital Marketing.  Lou can assist you with:  SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) email promotions, lead generation, development of sales funnels, content marketing, social media and  web site development.  He will integrate and automate your marketing program.












The goal will always be to develop a program that delivers an acceptable ROI.   Lou will determine your Allowable-order-Cost for all marketing sources, to determine how much you can invest in your marketing to ensure you will always have a profitable marketing program.

Publishing Consultation.  With a bull pen of marketing specialists, copywriters, designers he will develop a marketing program that will acquire new subscribers, renew them and maximizing your customers' lifetime value by cross-selling and stepping up customers 

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